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Studio Story

Not much is known about Midnight Paw’s founder Cleo—where she came from or how she came to be remains a mystery. All that is known is that she is, indeed, a cat, and that she has creative aspirations that require humans to carry out.


This human help comes in the form of John Michael-Sole and Cooper Bibaud.


John and Cooper have both achieved early success as independent film and television writers. They crossed paths at the Emmy-winning studio EP Media, working on television’s The Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run, which featured gaming industry pillars like Victor Lucas, Tommy Tallarico, Jade Raymond, Geoff Keighley, and many more.


Cleo determined the best way to reach her goals would be to assign roles best suited for her representatives. John leans on his wealth of experience, resources, and expertise to manage the studios finances and business direction, while Cooper, being a working actor, writer, and producer sets the creative tone, breathing life into projects and managing international teams turning ideas into experiences.


Perhaps it is for these reasons that Cleo approached them one evening on their walk home after work. Cautious at first, the trio quickly reached an understanding, and Midnight Paw Studios was founded.

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